Cam Outdoor Firmware Updates, over-the-air working for anyone?

I’ve had two Cam Outdoors, the first since they were first released. My two cameras have never successfully updated over-the-air. I’ve always had to bring in the cameras, connect them to the computer, and put the firmware updates on the device, to get them to update. With each update I hope they will update OTA next time, but it hasn’t happened. The latest update was released the day after I went through the process, and it’s frustrating. I can’t be the only person for whom this is occuring?

I have 2 Outdoor cameras, and they always update over the air successfully. At the beginning I only updated when I brought them in to recharge (so they would be close to the Base), but now I have solar panels so I just update them while they are still outdoors. Never had an issue. What message do you see?

I had no problem with over the air updates … using my wifi was touch and go but then I would just connect via my cell phone network, and it would go across just fine

I have a notification when I view the camera, that an update is available (today it’s 4.171.290 to 4.172.40). I click “update”, and it goes to an Updating screen, which says I can leave the page and the camera will reboot when the update finishes. I do so, and when I reconnect it says “Oops, we’re sorry It looks like the update failed. Please try again”.

If it is very far from the Base you may want to just wait until you bring it in to recharge it to do the update. It gets the update from your Base, not your router.

I don’t have a problem with updates via the app if I do one cam at a time. Since the new base firmware is on hold again and the release notes sat the the only thing new for cam and base is support for Solar Panel I’ll pass on this one.

I bought several Cam Outdoor new from Wyze. And at least 2 of them I have this issue. And have had to manually update by microSD instead of over the air. It is annoying and obvious an internal hardware issue since its gone through several firmware versions. And yes I have tried everything. It is very close to the WIFI router closer than the others, and I tried telling it to update many times like immediately after reset, during reset, power cycles, any variation possible.

If you happen to select update firmware while you are away you risk the camera locking up and needing to be unplugged and power cycled so it is useless until you can arrive back home.

Wyze must know about this hardware defect on some units. They are quiet about it. At least I dont find any recall offered. Or offer to repair or replace.