Cam Groups for Wyze Web view

In the previous beta we could look at our Cams by our defined groups. Is there a way to do this with the new Wyze Browser? I have a view for outside cams; and inside cams which I was using.

We can’t assign groups yet. I know they are working hard on improving the web portal though, and we are now going to get release notes about every update, so I look forward to that.

For now, one thing I do like a lot of this new portal is that we can actually select any number of cams to stream instead of being stuck choosing between all or just cams in 1 specific app group. That didn’t work well for me in the last version because I want to stream a few cams from different groups and that wasn’t possible before. Now I can select 2 cams from my “Front”/West group, 1 Cam from my Garage/South side group, one cam from my Backyard group, and 2 cams from my babies’ rooms and stream them all at once. This wasn’t possible with the last iteration. If I wanted to see them all at once on the last version I had to stream all 40 of my cams at the same time, or separate all those cams out of their normal groups to make an odd group just for the webview. I like that the portal lets me pick any number of cams to stream without them being stuck in a static group.

I would still like to be able to have set favorite groups though. I really hope they add this! I am very supportive of this request. I rarely used the old webview because I hated how hard it was to view a select group of cams and hard to refresh them. The new portal lets me pick to view just the 6-9 cams out of 40 I want to see right now and it’s easy to refresh them if needed. I actually use it now! I know some people are dying for some of the old features to get added, and I am sure they will be, but for now, I am finally excited about the web portal. It’s been working really great for me lately and I can’t wait to see what’s added in the near future.

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