Add device grouping for web view

Would like to see device grouping available in web view just like there is in the Wyze phone app. We tend to use the web view more frequently than the phone as we have the larger images/videos. We are adding more and more cameras so the ability to group them and see the groups in web view would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

Welcome @cameras1

I am not at my computer, but if I recall the web view has a drop down at the top left to select cameras or a camera group you created on your device.

I will need to check this when I return home.

Mentioning it so you can check,but will post a bit later what my findings are.

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Welcome to the forum @cameras1.

I thought the same as @spamoni but… It looks like it is only individual cameras.


I also feel like this is something that would have made it to the wishlist if it weren’t there but there is no request for a grouped view.

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You used to be able to select the same groups that you have on the phone app, but just confirmed that the groups are no longer there. I don’t use the web view very often, but last time I did (a week or two ago) the groups were there.
Wonder what happened to them???


Thanks @R.Good @K6CCC , I thought it was there, but as you not sure why it is not present anymore.

I will ask to see if anyone knows.

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