Cam+Camera issues

Before I had Cam plus, I had no issues with any of my Wyze cameras, I have 8 of them. Since I got cam+ I have had so many problems I’m thinking of ditching the product completely and just take the loss. I’ve installed other light camera combos and so far they’ve been pretty solid. Before cam+ I was happy, now nothing but problems. I’m open to the idea it’s the way I have them set, the problem where do you start

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Can explain your problems? Can you show or explain what your settings are? I see the WCO tag, but without any info as to what the “many problems” are, it’s gonna be very hard for anyone to be able to provide focused help. A explanation as to the experienced issues, cameras involved, actual firmware versions and actual app versions in use (don’t say “up to date” because there is still many options that it could be), error codes, status light behaviour, anything else related to the issues will be a giant leap towards assistance.


I have bought 8 of Wyze cameras & Vucums. Initially they worked but now total loss. Total garbage. None of them working.

Could not install using the BAR CODE.

Try rotating you phone, try diffrent lighting, and if it still doesn’t work try printing out the QR code and scanning it. Keep in mind the codes expire after a bit.

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So to confirm, your cameras worked at one point but now they are not? Why are you trying to reinstall them? The setup process involves a QR code and not a traditional barcode. Can you confirm you’re trying to scan the QR code on your phone or tablet with the Wyze Cam you’re trying to set up? Any more information about what you are seeing, error codes, etc will help in the troubleshooting process.

I could not scan the QR code despite multiple attempts. One time I was able to scan the QR code but the camera did not get connected.Did not work.

Is the full QR code visible? Some times depending on your phone settings the qr code gets cut off at the bottom. I’ve recommended before that when setting up a new camera get to the point in the app where the QR code is shown then place your phone on a flat surface with the screen up. Now take the camera and put it lens down on top of the screen of the phone then lift the phone up slowly while keeping it pointed at the screen and hopefully at the 6 or 9 inch mark it reads the QR code.

What camera are you trying to set up? Do you have any special characters in your SSID, do you have anything other than letters or numbers in your SSID name?

Thank you for the instructions.
The problems that I had today.
When I was trying to set up a Wyze Cam 1
Instead of Yellow light there was a BLUE light on the back.
When there was a yellow light and it was code scanned. I got this message.
“Cannot find the local/specific network”