Cam plus not working + customer service

I have two cameras. One inside facing out my large living room window towards the street, and my outdoor camera that’s set up above my back gate where my partner and I enter frequently.

I got the outdoor camera after an incident where I was home alone and someone tried to enter through the back gate while I was sleeping. Purchased the camera and have been happy with it for almost a year, the last couple of months both my cameras are a pain in the you know what.

I got a SIM card for the outdoor camera because it was running out of room. Thought things were good, until I just realized it’s no longer capturing videos, only still shots. *and I regularly clear out the events.

There is a park right across the street from us so our indoor camera faces towards it because we park on the street and our cars have been broken into before. Two months ago there was a man trying to grab kids from baby sisters so I upgraded to the cam pro plus because the coverage was awful and barely captured anything. neighbors car was vandalized this am and you can barely see the woman who did it because she looks like a ghost.

I just realized that the cam pro plus doesn’t work for my outdoor camera. So I disabled the service for it and added the cam plus. Which I bought through their website. Nothing. Keeps saying my firmware isn’t compatible. Called customer service was on the phone for an hour and we got nowhere, she had me take a screen cap of my device Info and send it into tech support as a log…. I’m worried it’s going nowhere because for whatever reason Wyze changed the point of view of our indoor camera and for two months now it’s been flipped over to capture everything the way it should, and when I sent tech support the log for that I got nothing.

I didn’t even know this forum existed, first time posting, don’t know if I’m allowed to complain like this so please give me a break. I’m at home sick trying to figure this out. :rofl:

Welcome to the Forum @harris.rosalie , I am a forum volunteer and support individuals as needed.

Can you provide the type of Cameras you have?

From what I Gathered, your camera outdoors is the Wyze Cam Outdoor (WCO), which is battery operated, correct?

The Camera inside, is it a Cam v3? Pointing out the window works well until there is a glare on the window and may not be as accurate or quick on alerting. I would recommend Putting one outside in front. I would recommend the Cam v3, if you have power for it or can get power to the location where you would like to put.

With that said, here are a few things to try:

  • Look at the Sensitivity setting in the Settings area of the Camera. Once I know which cameras I can let you know where. Basically click on the Gear in the Top Right and go to the Camera Settings.

  • See if you have the Detection zone turned on, if you do, make sure it is set as you need it.

  • With Cam Plus, check to see if your AI is set for Person, Vehicle, Etc. When trying to capture items through a window, it might be better to set it for all motion as well. Time of day may impact detection and notification.

Please post the type of cameras you have so we can help a little better.

I’m more worried about the Cam Plus subscription I have that will not assign to the outdoor cam cam outdoor v2 I still have not heard back from customer service about where it won’t work. Since that is a recurring payment.