Cam alerting to person at front door. No one there. Over and Over Suddenly

I don’t know why my cam3 is now alerting me to a person at my front door. Alexa keeps telling me, and this triggers my dog to run to the window and bark. I have motion-activated front porch lights and they aren’t going on because no one is there. This only started after the latest Amazon problem. Ghosts? Perhaps. But it did alert me one evening when a large orb came onto the porch and triggered the announcement.

What rules or routines do you have setup? Is the camera creating phantom “person” events that Alexa is following or is the camera quiet and it’s just Alexa going nuts?

Cam has only done this when a ‘pet’ showed up by my steps, all 500 lbs. of a bear. Which was understandable as a ‘pet’. I’ve had this cam for well over a year. These episodes last night happened about 5 times. I’ve made no changes to anything, but I did have to unplug it after the Amazon episode because it kept showing it to be ‘off line’ even though it was working.

So what rules or routines do you have in place? How is it programmed that Alexa announces a person? Is the camera making lots of events which Alexa is announcing or is the camera not making events, but Alexa is still announcing? I understand you have the “offline” but working issue which was a big issue following the AWS issue from a few days ago. I had that on a few of my cans but it worked itself out with no action by me.

One possibility is previously queued up alerts from the outage period… But those should have already long cleared by now.

After AWS came back I got some notification announcements from Alexa that were 4-5 hours old.


Okay, what you wrote makes me think about Alexa. ‘Person’ did not show up when viewing events on cam, so I guess Alexa was up to some of her tricks. When I install a new cam, I have the option of letting Alexa notify me. Sometimes, she notifies me five minutes after the person has been at the door and sometimes up to 40 minutes later, so I guess this is an ‘Alexa’ issue. I would love to turn the cams over to Google. Google nest shows that it is aware of the cameras, but not able to do more there. I am not very techy since advances happen faster than I can keep up. I think I will have a ‘talk’ with Alexa. Thank you for your help, I realize now it’s not the cam.

That must be it!!! Delayed announcements. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CLEARING THAT UP!!! The timing is just as you wrote, so it reported at a delayed time.

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OMG same here!!! It’s driving me F insane !!!
I disabled it and it’s still doing it :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

It’s like once I get everything working and acting right……it never last long before “something” happens……
Maybe this chip I got put in my arm is making things go haywire :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: JK JK