Cam alerts only to me?

What is going on? I am in and out with the dog and the camera always alerts me through Alexa.
I opened the door two days ago and found a 6’3" man standing there, ready to knock. No alerts and it gets even better… He never showed up on camera, even going to check on my memory card. It was as if he never was. But he delivered an Amazon package, so yes, it was not my imagination. How did the cameras not record his vehicle in the driveway, him walking up my steps, ending up 10" from the front door cam. Didn’t show him walking back down the steps. The front door camera and driveway camera show nothing, but five minutes later as I walk out the door to get my mail, the camera alerts me. This has me baffled… Can Amazon delivery people ‘cloak’?

Need more info here to try and figure out what happened.

What type of cameras are you referring to?
What actual beta firmware version are on them?
Able to post pictures of what their views are?
Any cloud services? Camplus? Campluslite?
What actual beta app version are you using?

The more info the better will help in the trouble shooting process. thanks in advance!


Additionally, do you have continuous recording enabled on the cam? Without a cam plus subscription the cams have a 5 minute cooldown between cloud event recordings, but if you have the SD card in continuous it should record everything.

[Edited cooldown]


Correction, 5 minute cooldown.


Video please. Not showing up is hard to do on a continuously-recording SD card. :slight_smile:


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