Cams missing people

I just saw a man walk past my window but he does not show up on my video history. My cams are in my windows, one on the side and one in my front livingroom window. How often are vids taken? Every 20 minutes? Why didn’t my cams pick up his images?

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Are you looking at events or continuous recording to a uSD card? Do you have CamPlus (and what type)? What type of camera?

I have this happen also!
Or it will notify me of a person after it has occurred.

Unwired Doorbell & OG cam V1 are the main culprits.
My doorbell has a rule to notify on Alexa of a person being visible. The person will have rang the doorbell and IN the house before it signals Alexa to the rule. I have the distance as far as possible.

The OG Cam Pan is notorious for going offline & not recognizing anything other than motion from the tv or lights :exploding_head::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: missing people and pets, the MAIN reason I have it.

Right now my V1 cam is recognizing every vehicle as a person!! I don’t get notifications of vehicles so all my person detections I look at are ALL VEHICLES!!

I’m not tech savvy at all but things are so frustrating. Always resetting. Hard rebooting and not having recordings of the last day or week that I need.

I’m looking at recorded videos on that day and near that time that are saved every day. I also can watch live. Camv3 & paid for, yes.

Sounds frustrating. I just updated my cams in the app, maybe try to update yours if you haven’t already.

Events, yes and live at times, but my cams should both have recorded this person but didn’t.