Buying directly from Wyze vs Amazon?

I see that on the Wyze website, many items are out of stock, but on Amazon, I see many of these items. I believe both prime and 3rd party, but i only buy if shipped from Amazon and is Prime eligible. Are there any concerns if I buy from Amazon, and not Wyze? I was thinking through Amazon, some hardware might not be the latest revision?

If you can get it via Amazon, go for it! You’ll probably get it faster as it’s plugged into Amazons system, and there are of course other benefits to Prime…easy returning when needed, etc. With a Wyze V3 camera for example…a V3 is a V3 is a V3 as far as I know. I don’t think there are differences between V3 revisions, but someone could correct me there.

Because of all the logjams with chips and ports and shipping etc…I assume that any stock that Wyze or Amazon has came from the same general shipments at the same general time.


Amazon sells the same V3, with better shipping and return policy.

I have bought from both but prefer buying from Amazon

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You can even get some of the devices from your local Home Depot. I got my Video Doorbell which came with 1 year of CamPlus, at that time.


I’d recommend Amazon. If, BIG if there’s an issue later, probably replaced faster with less confusion from Amazon sale.

Anyone else think so?