Buy one get one Cam plus wrong price?

On the wyze website to get the buy one get one cam plus offer but it appears to be coming up with the wrong price.
Any ideas.

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yeah, the discount should be 14.99 not 6.30 if it’s a bogo


If I understand correctly, they do the math based on the monthly price, not the annual price. It is not correct to post that it is 2 subscriptions for the price of one because you pay once for this year. If it was really a 2/1, the cost should be 15.00 for 2 subscriptions, not 23.68.

I don’t know where the 23.68 is coming from. 1.99/month x12 should be 23.88.

The answer from Wyze (@WyzeGwendolyn) on messenger.

Wow. That’s seems like very shady marketing. Not very upfront. None of the numbers in my screen shot make any sense. Just one more reason to make me question if wyze is the right choice.
Thanks for the reply.

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weird…I can tell u where the $23.68 is coming from, but I don’t understand the $6.30 discount. They are clearly charging based on the annual plan of $14.99 per license.

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If it was really a 2 licenses for the price of 1, we should have to pay 14.99 for these 2… According to the answer I have received on messenger, it is not the case.

This is what I tend to think. :smirk:

Absolutely, the discount should be $14.99. Even if they calculated the discount based on the monthly cost for 1 year, the discount would be $11.94. The $6.30 discount makes no sense.


Another offer. Did not received the email and cannot access to this offer on the website. Supposely limited to some users.


Yeah they mentioned this offer during the YouTube even on Tuesday. They gave a email address to send a email if you were interested. I emailed but have not received the promo offer.

just read this in the cam+ faq…so I guess the annual pricing is a promo which cannot be combined w/ other promos. So in that case the regular price would be $23.88 per yr, so this bogo is technically correct, with an extra $0.20 off lol

looks like they added a disclaimer on the bogo too…

Screenshot 2021-07-29 8.38.31 AM

Shady. Should be more upfront and at least put all the correct prices in the checkout screen.

agreed, the checkout screen makes no sense, it should of just showed $23.88 bundle of 2, but maybe there’s some reason for it.

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