Is this monthly recurring discount or only first month?
This is for cam plus unlimited.

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Without a link to the actual promotional material it is difficult to say which promotion you have there.

But, the code you indicated appears to be for an expired promotion previously offered unless they have reactivated it for the Black Friday event or never deactivated it. If the code still works and gives you the discount when checking out, it is still active. If it is inactive, the checkout process will tell you and not apply the discount.

That promotion was for 20% off Monthly Cam Plus Unlimited (regularly $9.99 monthly) for 12 months. That would be $7.99 monthly for 12 months then $9.99 monthly if not cancelled before the end of the 12th month. The monthly subscriptions renew at the end of every month when they are rebilled.

Cam Plus Unlimited Annual is still $99.00 annually.

EDIT: I found another topic discussing the same. Perhaps this is the same promotion you are referencing:

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I can shed more light on this. That coupon code was previously used for a $7.99/mo for 12 months offer that has now expired. However, you can still use it to get 20% off your first month of Cam Plus Unlimited. I think if you combine that code with the current 60% off your first month it comes out to 99 cents for the first month, then $9.99/mo after that.

If it were me. I’d try the Unlimited plan at the 99 cents offer. If you like it, save some money and buy the annual plan for $99/yr. OR if you know you’re gonna want Cam Plus Unlimited for sure, just claim the free Wyze Cam OG offer we are doing for Black Friday with purchase of an annual plan of Cam Plus Unlimited.