Offers for Can Plus at lower rate?

I keep getting offers for a reduced rate for Cam Plus. First time was right after I had already signed up 3 of my cameras on annual license. Nice timing. When I tried to contact someone to see if I could take advantage, no luck. Now I have added a 4th camera. Was I able to take advantage of the reduced rate, that I still keep getting emails on, NO… If they are not going to let me take advantage of the reduced rate, then they need to stop sending me emails about it! Frustration!

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Not sure what reduced rate your talking about, if you subscribe yearly it’s cheaper than monthly if that’s what your talking about? That has always been available, just toggle it when you subscribe.

If you find a reduced rate subscription package that is beneficial for you, you can MOST DEFINITELY take advantage of it.

Just make sure it is from Wyze and not a phishing scam. If you have a screenshot of the promotional email, please post it and other users can confirm if it is real. It looks like the unlimited plan is still being offered on the website. I haven’t seen any other bundle promotions recently beyond that.

The promotional bundle subscriptions are offered periodically and for a short time so you have to get them while they are still actively being offered.

I did it. Here is how:

I had 12 cams on CamPlus individual plans. When they came out with Cam Plus Unlimited for a limited time I bought it as it significantly reduced my annual subscription costs. I then Unassigned each of my cams from the individual Cam Plus licenses and assigned each cam to the Unlimited license. I then went into my account at and cancelled my individual subscriptions since no cams were assigned to them.

When you cancel a Wyze subscription, you will be refunded for the unused portion of your subscription. So, if there is exactly 3 months left on the subscription, you get 25% refunded, 6 months = 50%. They prorate your refund based on the unused days.

Now you have all your cams on a lower subscription rate plan and you have been refunded for the old unused subscription days.

Your new rate plan subscription will start on the date of purchase. It will not be aligned with any other subscriptions you keep (HMS, CPPro, etc.) If you want them all to renew on the same date, it might not be possible.

Good luck!

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Yea the cam plus unlimited is still being offered, although someone said they weren’t able to purchase it. Could be unrelated, but if you do end up trying let us know how it works.

Just an update. It looks like Wyze just opened up the CamPlus 3 Cam Bundle for purchase. Part of their Memorial Day Sale email.

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