Business class devices such as hardened cameras & sensors, mortise smart locks, etc

Having used Wyze Cam at home and at our small business, we love the products but felt that it wasn’t a perfect “fit” given that the business needs were a bit different from our home needs.

In a high traffic area such as a store front, having a hardened camera product would be invaluable to prevent vandalism. As well, having smart access features from a Wyze Lock that could be hidden inside a mortise locking mechanism (a vast majority of glass front, metal doors use this type of locking mechanism).

This would allow for seamless contractor/guest, and now because of COVID 19, selective customer access through one use “door passes” or virtual keys. Of course on demand communication and remote unlocking would be phenom too!

How many other small business owners out there would like to see this and what other use cases or products would work for your business?
I’m curious :slight_smile: