Wyze in Places of Business

Hello Wyze community. I’m new to the Wyze system and products. I am a director for a Boys & Girls Club youth program, and we are looking into the Wyze products for our facilities.

I just wanted to ask and see if anyone currently uses Wyze Cameras in their place of business. Do you like it? Is there anything I should be on the lookout for? I think our biggest area of concern will deal with the amount of storage we’d have, as well as being able to go back and view any problems that we might have within the program.

Any and all info would be greatly appreciated and helpful. Thank you!

These are cheap secondary cameras from a software company. So while great as backup and blindspot add ons to an actual security CCTV system, using them as your only system will only get you sued.

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Go to ipcamtalk.com for more info

I work in loss prevention ish and am a huge user of Wyze at home. That being said don’t think they are good for a place if business. They might be ok at a mom and pop little shop, but an thing bigger I’d say invest in a quality CCTV system.

I’m my opinion, a central storage option is a must, not on camera recording like Wyze has (coverage retention and security is a hell of alot better and easyier to administer with a central NVR or DVR solution). Wired infrastructure is a must for realiability, Wyze is all wireless. Wyze cameras arnt vandal resistant, where as other businessy camera options come as a dome or in an enclosure that is more secure than the diy and third party solutions that work with Wyze stuff. I think these are vital things to think about when speccing out a camera system for a open to public business.

That being said, I know what Wyze cameras can and can’t do, what their limitations are, and have chosen that it is able to provide me a sense of security at my home and do recommend them alot to others. Whereas it may be to much to try and shoehorn all that into a place of business.

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The biggest issue with Wyzecams are, they are not meant for anything security related, and they are not 100% reliable. If you need reliability, then, go for a professional surveillance system, it will save you TONS of grief in the long run.

I think the general thread here is that Wyze cams are not meant for serious business security use, and I agree. I think they pretty much say that in their presentations of the cams. As a business owner of 25 years - way before this was even possible technically - I wish this had been an option for us. That being said, having survived armed robberies, break-ins and violent customers (few and far between - wasn’t that bad a business!) I would not have relied on this type of system for customer, employee or my own safety.
This is a great system and I would have happily used it for general surveillance and quality monitoring, but not security. Others have made excellent points about wired connection and off-site storage.
Love the whole Wyze world so far, from the company to the products, but know where and when to use them, just like anything else.
Best of luck - feel free to contact here for any questions or problems.

I would only recommend their use if you want to see what your horse is doing in its stall (when it’s there) … or if you want to see what night-time critters are accessing your back patio.

For any serious 24/7 security requirements, check into systems as others have suggested.