Bulb v1 not connecting

I’m slowly rebuilding my system after a bit of a catastrophe when I replaced my router. It turns out that using the same SSID and password does NOT work.

The base is up and running, Security hub is up and running. All cameras, sensors, and my color lights are up and running.

I have two white bulbs that simply refuse to connect. I brought them inside so they are mere feet from the hub and base, no change. I can get them to pairing mode, and I can see and connect to their wifi points, and that’s as far as it goes. No idea why this is a problem. The color bulbs all went in first try, no issues.

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Is your new router have a 2.4 and 5ghz bands on the same ssid? Most smart devices do not like this. Try separating them into seperate ssids, or at least temporarily disable the 5ghz one.

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Do you have Bulb White or the old Bulb v1? Make sure you have Bluetooth and location permissions enabled to set up Bulb White.

Make sure you select the correct type of bulb when starting setup:


Only the 2.4 GHz side has this name.

Both of these are the older bulb,

I bought a new bulb, connected flawlessly on the first try.

Same here. White bulb refuses to connect. One day it showed it was disconnected so now I’m trying to re-add it to my devices. The process is not the same now. Used to select the bulb’s Wi-Fi network yourself. Now I’m stuck endlessly at a Searching for bulbs portion that goes nowhere. Every setting is correct. Not using 5 GHz. Bluetooth is on. Yadda yadda. These products have become the most annoying things to constantly attempt to fix. And I mean attempt. Because I never hear back from customer service which is why I tend to ask other users for help instead.

Are you talking about the one that says “White” on it or the one that just says “Wyze”. The Wyze is the v1, the white is the Bulb White. Make sure your setting it up as the right one in the app if you got those confused.

It was the old one. I was setting it up the right way.