Stop Selling the Bulb Color A19

Just received my new 4 pack of color bulbs from my Amazon order. Was pretty psyched. And then… “Don’t use w/ a 5ghz router”. Oh, really? Like, every modern wi-fi router made in the last 7 years? Don’t use those? I mean, I do have a 2.4Ghz network but I have them share the same SSID and every single device I own, going back to my 2015 Nest/Dropcams work perfectly. So, totally reconfigure my network for these smart bulbs? Think I’ll just return them instead.

Why not ask for the 6ghz WiFi band, too? /sarc

As with MOST IoT devices, almost all of the Wyze devices are 2.4 GHz only. There are a couple newer Wyze devices that will work on 5 GHz. Most inexpensive IoT devices are 2.4 GHz only in order to keep the cost down.
Also note that almost all WiFi access points do support 2.4 GHz.

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Bulbs (non camera iot stuffs also) don’t need to send much data, they need signal. 2.4ghz penetrates more and travels farther than 5ghz.

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Yes I understand. My frustration stems from the products inability to connect to a network that is using both bands with a single SSID. I have lots of 2.4 devices on my network that manage this handshake just fine. I shouldn’t have to login to my router and re-configure my network for a light bulb in 2024.

The use of the 2.4ghz band is perfectly fine because I have that band available and many other of my devices use it. But that’s not the issue. The issue is that the bulb will not connect to my network because the 5ghz band is also present…

I’m simply asking for a product that does not require a totally separate dedicated 2.4 ghz network. Wyze setup guide explicitly says the 5ghz band is not supported. Ok fine, so don’t use it. The 2.4 is there, so use that. The bulbs cannot make the distinction nor manage the handshake.

I have multiple color bulbs connected to a router with shared SSID for 2.4/5gHz networks and they work fine. Granted, the router I’m using is a Wyze mesh router. If your router allows it, turn of 5gHz temporarily while connecting the bulbs. They SHOULD work correctly once you get them connected.

This is not unique to Wyze. I have seen other devices that are 2.4 GHz only and will not connect to a dual band access point.
Personally I have some of my Wyze devices connected to 2.4 GHz only SSIDs and some to dual band SSIDs, but so far have not had problems connecting. OK, my home WiFi is WAY not standard. Going back years ago, I do remember that this was a major problem, but that was fixed years ago.