V1 Wyze bulbs NOT connecting!

Of the five 1st gen Wzye bulbs I had connected, only one still works and responds to the Wyze app. The other four just will not connect. I have tried time after time to connect them, but I keep getting “Connection Failed” every time.

Have the 1s gen bulbs now become obsolete, much like the V1 cams? Should I just toss them in with my other non-smart LED bulbs?

It’s a shame that previous versions of devices that were originally highly-touted by Wyze end up getting left behind once a new, improved version comes along. It definitely makes me hold back on buying anything more and just sitting back to wait for its replacement in the near future.

All my v1 bulbs are working. What steps did you take to reconnect them?

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I used the app - add device - Wyze bulb no logo - on off three times, pulsing - confirm WiFi info - switch to the bulb’s WiFi - wait - wait - wait - Connection failed. Did I miss something?

All my V1 bulbs are working. Do I need to re-add them to see the issue?

Try turning data off on your phone before connecting.

I think the problem is that my phone is connecting to the 5GHz WiFi signal. I can’t split the signal, giving each band a different name, so now I am trying to find an old phone that will only connect to 2.4 and see if I can use that!

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I am currently charging up an old phone to see if it only connects to the 2.4GHz band. Maybe that will work. Right now my current phone connects to 5GHz. I had forgotten about that problem!

Oh, yeah, that could be a problem, too. I didn’t even think about that!

Worked on two and a half bulbs so far. The third bulb connected, but refuses to update firmware. Sigh.

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I’ve had that happen when I do a few connections in a row. Try rebooting your phone and then try again.

Well, after re-booting and subsequently connecting to 5GHz several times in a row, I finally got it to connect to 2.4 - and the update is still failing. Grrrr