Build Wyze Sense bridge into Wyze Bulb

I have motion and contact sensors in the house to control lights but no cams close enough for their bridges to work. I have to place an extra cam somewhere just to be a bridge.

If the bulbs were also bridges that would solve a lot of placement issues.

Keep in mind, this would probably require an entirely new smart bulb design.

I would expect so. Even if it had to be bigger you wouldn’t need it for every bulb, just a couple to reach the whole house.

A Wyze Hub and/or Wyze Bridge that plugs into a wall socket (like the smart plug but even smarter) would also solve this. Plaster them around the house so all Wyze devices can connect to each other instead of a dozen devices all vying for Wi-Fi connections through your router or requiring extra devices you aren’t using to act as a bridge.

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