BUG SPOTTED: Event skipping potentially due Night Vision IR Lights

There’s a glitch in the cams that automates/activates the Night Vision IR Light even if it displays as off. I’ve turned it off several times to know for certain it’s a glitch happening in the cams. The IR light emits a signal that can be sourced and blocked. My mail man showed me how it’s done. This glitch is what I believe may be causing the event recordings to skip. They skip where the light ring is illuminated both on live feed and event playback within the app. From the sd card, I have to play the section of the event to see what occurred. I hope this gets fixed (tried to send logs but app won’t accept the upload with the log attached). I don’t want the IR lights on any my devices to be active. If you’re having issues - check it out! Hope this helps someone.

Sorry, but I’m having trouble understanding this.

Are you saying that when disabling night vision the IR LEDs don’t turn off? And you think that’s causing the events to skip?


Yes - that is what I am saying. At least for me - the skipping happens in the area where the IR light emits. I’ve actually started troubleshooting again since my post and I’m trying to figure out if it is the cams or the app turning on the IR lights.

Like IEatBeans, I had a really hard time following what you said. A lot of it made very little sense.

A bunch of my V3 cameras are shooting through windows, so it is absolutely essential that the IR lights are off. I have never had any of them have the IR lights on when not expected. Some of them are locked in daytime mode and some auto switch from day to night modes (but with the IR lights off).

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The v3 cameras shooting through windows, have you has better luck with Night Vision Off or in Auto?

It’s ok - others with similar issues seemed to have understood. Perhaps you don’t experience any of these so they probably wouldn’t make sense to you. I can send you a screen recording if you’re actually open to understanding the issues.

I thought I was the only one! I have my cams (v2,v3) behind glass enclosures. I have the IR switch set to off, but the darn lights keep going on by themselves! Whitening out the recorded video by reflecting light back from the glass housing. I haven’t noticed any skipping video. But it’s bothersome knowing in the event of a situation I won’t get video because of it. And it’s happened with v2 and v3 cams, so I think it’s a firmware issue. Like it’s set to auto on the lights even when the switch is set to off. If the cams were black I’d have them out in the open but bright white is to conspicuous for a security cam. Even up high they are an easy target.