Flashes on event playback

Can somebody please tell me what this flash is? I have the camera recording me because I sleep walk, and as I was reviewing my events I noticed these weird white flashes that were recorded. Does anybody know what it is, it’s kind of creepy. I just tried to upload the video and it tells me new users can upload attachments. Please help!

Kind of hard to say with any degree of certainty without having something to look at but if you had the IR lights turned on (assuming it’s dark when this is happening) it could be nothing more than an insect of some sort flying through the camera’s FOV. I’ve had that happen with a number of different cameras and it does look like a ‘weird white flash’.


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It is most likely the IR lights reflecting off of dust or a bug like @R_T mentioned! I will tag the @Mods to elevate your trust level so you can upload a video if you’d like.

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Your trust level has been raised you should be able to upload a video