Bug report: Camera not re-connecting to WiFi if it loses signal then restores

Let me try this again. I’ve typed all this up three times today, but it keeps getting deleted. Speculation is because I included a link to the Dash Cam thread, so trying it without the link.

I discussed this in the dash cam forum thread, but creating a new thread to create an “official” bug report.

General description:
If WiFi network that camera is connected go goes away and then restores, camera will not re-connect to WiFi until it is power cycled. It should attempt to re-connect after WiFi restores.

Testing detail:
As mentioned in the other thread, I am planning on using one or more cameras in my pickup truck. Eventually I will have cellular based WiFi in the truck, but that is a ways off. In the mean time, I will have WiFi connectivity only when parked at home and the camera will record to the uSD card 24×7. Yesterday the camera was working properly when I left for work. Of course the camera lost connectivity with my home WiFi soon after I left. The status light originally went to alternating Blue / Yellow, and ended up as solid Yellow. 16 hours later, I drove back into strong range of my Wifi and noted that the WiFi did not connect. This was confirmed with my managed WiFi and also with my router (which also functions as a DHCP server). I have DHCP reservations for my Wyze cameras, so they should always get the same IP addresses. I left it alone overnight, and when I got up, confirmed that I could not ping the IP for the camera. When I went out to the truck, the status light was still solid yellow. I brought the camera into work, and redid the setup so that it would connect to one of our WiFi networks at work. After confirming that it was working properly, I turned off that WiFi. After a couple minutes, confirmed that my laptop, phone and the camera had all lost connectivity, then waited about 10 minutes, and turned the WiFi back on. Within a short time, both the laptop and phone had connected to the WiFi, but the camera did not. Waited about 10 minutes and then power cycled the camera. Shortly thereafter the camera connected to the WiFi. Confirmed that it was working properly, waited a few minutes and repeated the test with the same results.

Hardware details:
Camera model: Wyze Cam v2
Firmware version:

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Yes, it was the link to the thread, indirectly that was causing your post to be deleted. If you paste a link as text into a post, there’s a bug on the forum that tries to insert a preview but it ends up garbling the display so the text of the post is not readable. Instead, when you want to include a URL link, you need to click the Insert link button (chain icon) and input the URL that way. I tried to edit your post to correct this, and the post kept getting deleted. Another forum bug. It’s being investigated.

Meanwhile, you can use the Insert URL button to provide your link as a reply here if you so desire. Sorry for the trouble.


I don’t experience this issue. If I reset my wifi router, the cameras all connect again on their own without needing to be power cycled. However, sometimes the app gets confused and will not connect. Force quitting and relaunching the app corrects this. Can you give that a try?

RickO, It’s the cameras, not the phone that are not re-connecting. Status light on the phone stays solid yellow, and neither my WiFi nor router show any connection from the camera.

I did think of something last night, but then dismissed it. Of the six WiFi nodes at the house, four of them are dual band and two are 2.4 GHz only. I thought it could be related to the 5 GHz being available. That shouldn’t matter since the camera does not have a 5 GHz radio, so the presence of 5 GHz should not have any effect as long as there is 2.4 GHz available (which there is at all six nodes). However I then dismissed that thought because when I tested it at work, all the WiFi nodes at work are 2.4 GHz only. Just to further that a little more, I have created a dedicated SSID for the cameras that is not only band restricted to 2.4 GHz, but all the radios on that network are 2.4 GHz only. Ultimately that SSID will end up on the same wired LAN as the SSID that the cameras are currently using. I will move the two cameras over to that SSID this evening after I get home. Then I’ll do a little more testing. I should have plenty of testing time available over the weekend as I can’t work on the home project I planned on for this weekend due to a broken rib. But picking up a Wyze camera is well within my weight limit :slight_smile:

BTW, if you have not figured it out, I am NOT running a typical home network nor WiFi system.

Well, did a bunch of stuff this weekend and pretty well have it figured out - and there is a sort of bug. As I said in my previous post, some of my WiFi A/Ps are dual band and some are 2.4 GHz only in a mesh network. Determined that if the camera attempted to connect to a 2.4 GHz only A/P it would work just fine, but if it happened to connect to a dual band A/P, it could not connect. My work around was to create a new SSID that is band restricted to 2.4 GHz. Now the camera in my truck connects within seconds of me getting into the neighborhood. I will be connected before I can back into my driveway.

Here is why I think this is a sort of bug. A 2.4 GHz only device should simply ignore the presence of 5 GHz activity because it will never know it’s there. I have at least a half dozen other 2.4 GHz only devices that work just fine connecting to dual band A/Ps so I don’t think that there is an issue with the A/Ps. It would appear that the Wyze cameras are seeing the “advertisement” from the A/P that it also has 5 GHz available and is try to process that in some way - which it should not be since it does not have 5 GHz capability.