BUG: Problem Setting Location

BUG REPORT: When I try to set my location in the Wyze app, it pops up a white screen where I can either type the location or press the “Current Location” button. If I tap “Current Location” it fills in my current address but the white screen stays in place and there is no “Save” button to save this location. I happened to notice that if I “pull down” on the white screen it shows a map that has “Save” in the upper right corner, but as soon as I take my finger off the screen it immediately slides back up and covers the map. If I am fast enough I can slide the white screen down, expose the map, and quickly tap “Save” and it will then save my location. So, while I am able to get this to work, it is pretty hit and miss and certainly not the way it should oeprate.

This happens on both my Pixel 4XL phone running Android 12 and also on my Samsung Android tablet running Android 11. Running version 2.27.14 of the Wyze Beta app

Firs of all, where in the app do you set a location? I don’t recall every seeing that option, so I assume it relates to a product I do not have.
Second, can you try it with the phone in landscape vs portrait mode. See if that makes any difference.

One place is in location based rules. Can’t remember if there are others.

I am setting the location in “Rules”. Creating a rule to turn on lights 30 minutes before sunset, for example. That requires that the app know your location. And yes, the problem exists in both landscape and portrait mode.

Hmmm… For some reason this is now working properly on my Pixel 4XL phone. But it still has the problem described above on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 tablet running Android 11.

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