Bug in camera Event Recordings? App v.

I have 3 cameras:

  • Cam Pan V3 (inside) v.
  • Cam Pan V3 (inside) v.4.50,4.4767
  • Cam V3 (patio facing) v.

I have subscriptions for both cam pans. I was about to check the events and nothing came up and I thought that’s weird. The SD card is fine but I can’t see any recordings via the app. I checked the Event Recordings and they’re off! Same with motion, tagging and pan are off as well! This has happened several times now. It turned off by itself.

The patio cam is not a problem, it stays recording and is not too important. The other two are important since I have two dogs and a cat to keep an eye on while I’m away. These are the settings for both inside cameras:

  • Only one rule setup: turn off notifications during the day from 7 AM to 11 PM.
  • I only shared access to one other person (AFAIK they can’t change the settings and I did asked, they didn’t). The Event Recording settings are also off on their shared device app.
  • Smart detections: they’re set to meow, barking and pets. No changes in these settings.

I then turn back on the Event Recordings in my app (again). Then checked the shared device on the other person and they didn’t follow my settings as the main user, so I turned them back on again. I’m pretty sure this isn’t normal as I don’t have this issue like years ago (been a Wyzer for many years now). Can anyone else confirm if they encounter the same issue? Thanks.

Please update your app to version

Done! Hopefully, this issue is resolved but I’m still wondering if anyone else experienced the same problem as I had.

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Yes, I had some cams’ settings changed yesterday with no action on my part. I don’t recall which models were affected.