Bridge won't pair

My new bridge refuses to pair with my cam v2. Firmware on the camera is up to date, app is latest version, I’ve turned the cam off then on, restarted the cam, power cycled the cam, even deleted and re-added the cam. Nothing works and Wyze support is unresponsive via email and Twitter. I’m really disappointed. Anyone have any ideas on how to either get the bridge working ortalk to Wyze support?

Hey there Treylehan,

Have you read the Wyze Sense Troubleshooting Guide? If not, please refer to troubleshooting step 1 here:

Best of luck,


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i never got my bridge to connect either…just incessantly flashing blue & yellow lights. i ended up getting a refund. please let us know if you ever get the bridge paired with support or if they choose to replace it.