New Wyze Bridges not working

Hello Wyze people,
I’ve been using Wyze bridges since over a year now and they’ve been working fine. I recently bought 6 new sense sets and it seems the contact and motion sensors work fine but not the bridges in them.
Anyone has experienced the same?

Steps I’ve taken:
• Cam software updated to latest version (v4.9.6.156)
• Bridge connected to cam successfully and software updated to latest version (v0.0.0.33)
• Sensors pairing initiated (red light flashed 3 times) but process leads to timing out
• Steps indicated in the set up guide followed:
• Bridge removed, camera power-cycled and then bridge plugged back in
• Sensors pairing initiated (red light flashed 3 times) but process still leads to timing out
• Sensors are able to connect to other bridges but not the ones they came with

Any advice / ideas please?

@WyzeGwendolyn, I’ve raised a ticket 8 days ago but I still haven’t heard back from support.
I’ve been a proud user of Wyze products all this time, but it’s really hard to stay positive after this.


It looks like you’ve tried everything! I’d contact Wyze.

I’d contact Wyze using their phone number! You can get a faster response

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I’ve got the same exact problem.

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Thank you, @Brlepage!

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Sorry for my delay here! Is this resolved now, @ThomM?

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No problem. In the meantime I’ve been in touch with customer support and should be soon receiving my replacement bridges.
Just to help others facing the same issue, it appears that upgrading the bridge to v0.0.0.33 should be avoided. 5/6 bridges that I upgraded wouldn’t connect with the sensors. For the 6th one I decided not to upgrade the firmware and the sensors were able to connect!
NB: all 6 bridges’ model ID is WHSB1
You might want to forward this to technical support?


Is there any way to revert the bridge back to a previous FW?

No, not that I’m aware of

My bridge model is WHSB1 with fw which is plugged into a v2 camera having fw (I know 4.96.156 is now available) and all has been working fine for the past 6-8 months.


So I came here in hopes of figuring out the same dilemma. I have spoken with customer service and they did send me a new bridge and with the new bridge, I have the same issue of it timing out and not connecting. I am a new customer and about ready to return everything since it’s still not working and doesn’t seem to have a solution. I wanted cameras and sensors to replace our current system so I may be shopping around again. Which is a bummer because I’ve heard great things about Wyze but overall the customer service rep wasted my time walking me through everything I had already done like the person above mentioned. Could anyone offer me any other suggestions before I return it all?!

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@ThomM, curious, what’s the need for so many seperate bridges? What’s your use case? Did Support have anything to say about overcrowding of different bridge signals? Have you tried only using one maybe two bridges?

@Bethany, what camera is the bridge in? Be chance is it in a pancam?

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I use two 2-3 bridges per household (3 households incl my parents’).

  • Bridge 1 is attached to one of the security cams and triggers actions in case of unexpected visits (i.e. ligths on, notifications, etc.). Security cameras are powered through a smart plug of a different manufacturer. When I’m at home the smart plug is switched off, therefore, the cameras too. I do this for extra privacy security. For a hacker to see me at home, both my Wyze and my smart plug accounts have to be hacked, which is extremely unlikely.
  • Bridge 2 is attached to a camera that I call the “automation hub”. This camera is constantly powered (not through a smart plug) and always remains on. Sensors used for automations are paired with this bridge (e.g. lights on when door opens, etc.). I’ve found that using a Wyze cam + bridge + sensors is cheaper than any other solution.
  • Bridge 3 is optional and is used for those cases where distances are too long for the signal to reach the bridge for all sensors.

Haven’t experienced any overcrowding of signals so far.

Don’t give up! I suggest you try and get one more bridge, plug it to the back of the camera and don’t upgrade it. Apparently, the sensors are very likely to successfully pair if you don’t upgrade the bridge! At least that has been my experience… maybe it’s just a coincidence, I don’t know.