Bridge not found on cam

Hi there, I just received my new starter kit. I connected my cam succesfully to the app and was able to upgrade the cam as the bridge aswell and have . When I want to add a sensor it says “Ensure you plug the bridge into the back of your cam”.

  • The bridge is on the cam with constant blue light
  • I tried it on different WIFI signals (2,4ghz)
  • Sometimes the bridge is not visible in the upgrade menu. Even when it’s visible the message keeps coming.
  • I did several resets, reconnections, but nothing helps

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

Currently there are server issues going on. Sense products haven’t worked right since last night. Probably best to wait until those issues are resolved.

Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that. Is there a place where I can find the status of those issues?

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