All off my Wyze Sensors stopped updating

Since yesterday, none of my sensors are updating. I have 7 motion sensors and 12 contact sensors. I am not getting any push updates from any of them and when I view them in the app, they don’t show any activity in the last day. Even though 2 people have been home for the entire time. I can see the red light flash on the sensors, but no update in the app, no history. I tried to reboot one of the cameras with the bridge and that didn’t help.

Also, because of this, none of my automation is working. I have 4 plugs and they won’t turn on based on motion or door events since they don’t show up.

Any ideas?

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Having an identical problem right now!

Just tested my Sense devices. The Contact Sensor as well as the Motion Sensor are not indiicating any activity on the Android app! My guess is something is amiss with the Wyze Servers!! Maybe it’s time that I move the Sense Bridge to a microcontroller …
My Plugs still operate if I tap On/Off within the app.

I seem to be getting some of the events, just super delayed, like hours delayed.

unfortunately, my motion sensor isn’t registering in the basement. Anyone else?

None of my motion sensors are working right now. Wyze is working on a server issue. My plugs and bulbs are also behaving oddly in the Wyze app. They are all related to the same outage.

Fair to expect that lights that are supposed to turn on as a result of motion won’t do so right now?

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All of my sensors, plugs, bulbs were going crazy in the middle of the night. Plugs were turning on, lights blinding us in the middle of the night. :grimacing:

I am seeing things back to normal so far this morning. :crossed_fingers:

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That is correct. But I have many bulbs and plugs that are not tied to sensors. The Wyze app shows that all of my bulbs and plugs are “On”. I can switch them to “Off”, but they switch back to “On” in the app without my input. They really are “Off”. Wyze is working on it… I’m not worried about it.


I was seeing the samething the on/off for my bulbs were reading incorrectly. Some lights were showing on when the bulbs were off and vice versa. All of my sensors went offline last night but they are up and running this morning. My Wyze plugs were turning on randomly and would not turn off.

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I have been experiencing similar issues. as @WyzeGwendolyn has indicated there appeared to be an AWS update related to IoT. With that said, my Motion sensors are not reporting or even updating in the App to let me know there was motion, my Door sensors are behaving the same way.

I think that the servers have queued up all of the notifications and triggers which are currently being worked through. This morning, I got a notification that my Front Door was closed at 10:03pm last night. That is a long delay.

I have notified Wyze that we are still experiencing issues, hopefully they can get this resolved soon.

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Still getting random push notifications and delays on motion events.

Not only have I been receiving late notifications this morning but I have an Alexa routine that sets off a door bell chime sound through my Echo device when my front door is open. The door bell sound activated about 30 minutes after the door was opened this morning which sent me scrambling to see who opened my door. Of course there was no one there.

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My in-laws are being notified via Alexa as well. They are 80 years old and got concerned as they couldn’t find a door opened nor anyone around. :slight_smile:

I explained what was going on.

I am wondering if there was a way to clear the delayed or old alerts or notifications so that this can be corrected sooner than later. However, if AWS is still having issues or doing updates, this could be continuing.

@WyzeGwendolyn, any chance Wyze could add more local processing and not rely fully on AWS? Maybe leverage the Outdoor camera base station as a hub. Just curious

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Same here. None of my sense products are working. Getting no notifications at all. I noticed that the app still shows are my doors are closed normally when I have sense issues I get the not connected cloud icon. Hope they resolve this quickly.

Motion and Contact sensors not working.

Mine, for now, are working again.

Mine appears to be back to normal. Realtime updates from sensors.

Mine still is not working. No notifications and nothing being entered in the history even though the motion sensor detected motion and the contact sensor indicated showed activity via the light on it.