Braeburn Thermostat to Wyze Thermostat

I have Braeburn 1200 that I want to replace with the Wyze Thermostat. I keep getting a W1 or W2 wire missing. Any insight will be greatly appreciated.


Post a picture of the wired Wyze thermostat

Looks right, only thing I can think of is what type of furnace you told the app. Maybe @speadie will know

Looks good, have you tried skipping the error?
Sometimes wire detection doesn’t work properly.

I did. The app comes up and the temp and humidity looks correct. However, whenever I change the temp to turn on the A/C or the heat, the screen in the app just goes to OFF. The screen on the thermostat just says WYZE.

Okay, so I think I have it figured out. I don’t recall seeing the skip option on my Android. However, when I tested it with my wife’s iPhone and tried to close out the screen saying that a wire was missing, I saw the option for skip. Right now my unit is running and I am testing it. Thanks for the help. It is much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Hi, I installed the Wyze thermostat last night. Our old thermostat is a Braeburn as well. We have a unit outside and one on the attic… So a dual unit. I connected the wires and got the error message of W1 was not detectable when it was plugged in. I did the Skip option I saw and went through the testing procedure. Testing did not push air through the vents. I uninstalled it and reinstalled the Braeburn thermostat. Was there something I should have done for the dual unit in the preparation for the install?