Both keypads stopped working

I have two keypads for my hub control.

Last week one stopped working. No lights. No ability to arm or disarm. I thought it might be batteries so checked. They were good. But I replaced them anyway. No change. Both still showing up on hub.

Then today the other one stopped working with the same symptoms. Replaced batteries and no change.

So I deleted both devices and tried to add again. Followed the instructions and pressed the button on the back. No home flashing light.

It’s as if both just died a week apart. Now the only way I can arm and disarm is thriugh the app.

Are these keypads prone to failure? Is there something else that can make them stop working. My minitoring service is stull actuve. Im stumped.

I have been using three of them for some time without any issues at all. Have you done a factory reset on them? Press and hold the reset button until the Home button flashes 3 times, then becomes solid, then all the lights on the keypad flash then go off… About 10 seconds.

Don’t delete it from the app, just reinstall it.

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