Bolt lock in app not working outside of home

Good morning!

I have the bolt lock & it works great with the keypad and fingerprint scanner. Unfortunately the app can’t connect to it unless I am inside the home. When I’m inside my home, the app works great. Lock, unlock, everything.
But if I’m outside my home, it won’t connect to the bolt-lock. I was under the impression I could lock\unlock my door from anywhere, not just inside my home.
I’m current with the application software (v2.47.0(373)). And my firmware is v1.0.6.2.
I have 2 Wyze camera’s as well and those work fine outside my home. It’s only the bolt-lock.
Any suggestions on what to try to get this to work outside my home? Thank you!!

Wyze Lock Bolt is not an IOT (Internet-connected) device. It was purpose-built to satisfy users’ security concerns and requests for a non-IOT deadbolt lock with local-only (Bluetooth) smart features. Ref: Add Gateway support to Lock Bolt - #39 by Seapup.

Please comment on and/or vote for this wishlist topic to show your support for an add-on gateway to provide Internet/WiFi connectivity for Lock Bolt:

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