Blurry Videos after 4 days

Installed my Wyzecam v2 and it showed perfectly until after 4 days, I could not connect after giving an error with code -90. I then pulled the power and noticed that the video has become quite blurry and the microphone does not pick up sounds as clearly as before. Attached are before and after screenshots of the footage of the camera. I have tried resetting and flashing firmware back to from, however, neither of these work.

Video Quality Before


Video Quality After

Has anyone else experienced this issue? I would like to know how to get this issue resolved?

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That is significantly different. To me it looks more like an optical effect.

One thing I notice is that the camera has been moved slightly and now has 2 bright lights in its view. The previous one has only a portion of the one at the right. This can contribute to “lens flare”.

The lens is clean?

The reason for the camera shift is because I had removed the camera to perform a rest in attempts to alleviate the issue. Also, I have moved the camera around in several different positions even without artificial light sources and still did not resolve the issue. At night, when it is dark, night mode does not detect anything that is further than 2 feet away. Other areas are totally dark. Finally, I cleaned the lens several times, however, the issue has still not been resolved.

Was it in a moist area? I am wondering if there is fogging inside. There are several remedies, Dry Rice is an home remedy.

The area is not moist, however, I will try it in rice as you suggested and let you know if anything changes within 24 hrs.

Did you perform firmware update in between? I wonder what are the f/w version number for the two pictures. Another possibility is the two lighting source in the camera view. I wonder if the image is clearer pointing to lower area.

Just to recap, the camera was running version, then I got the connection -90 error. After rebooting, noticed that the quality was horrible. Shortly after, I saw that was available and did the update thinking that it would resolve, however, image was still blurry. I then did a factory reset and also reverted back to f/w, however, issue still existed.

The firmware versions for the two pics are and for the before and after respectively, however, as I noted, the issue started while the camera was on

Also, the quality of the video is still horrible even pointing at different areas. Tested at several different areas and no change.

I think V4.9.1.34 was blurry and we fixed most of them on V4.9.1.42. If you have issue with both and I would suggest you contact and request a replacement (please provide pictures to them). I suspect this is hardware related (mis-focused) but can’t say for sure until we have the unit in our hands. Thanks!

I’m having the exact same problem. The first few days my camera looked great. Now I can’t even make out people’s faces or objects. You can tell an object is a tree but can’t see the branches.

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Same problem here as well.

I am having the same issue out of the box.

For me this issue turned out to be extra sensitivity to light. Any bright area in the image causes darker portions to become much grainier. Reducing bright areas solves the problem for me.

Hi All,

I bought my first camera and the picture quality is out of this world. I purchased another camera and the image quality doesn’t seem the same as the first one. Is there a way to focus the lens on it?

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Hi, our camera lens is fixed which can’t be adjusted. Without pictures we can’t tell if your issue is a hardware defect or within the hardware variation range. If possible, please attach pictures and clearly specify which camera you used. Thanks!

I’m also getting the fogging. Daytime viewing is great! Once the IR comes on the image is fogged over making it difficult to make the image out clearly. I purchased a separate IR illuminator which helped with the fogging but, it’s still not as clear as when I first used it.
I bought 2 Wyze cameras Dec 2018. One still works fine while the other has the fogged images.

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I have one blurry camera, the other is great. I made a post a few days ago but it didn’t really get a resolution.

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My camera is on my garage and at night I can literally see the camera fogging up as well. This renders the picture completely useless in these hours. I live in a very dry area. Any solution to this issue would be great. I was planning on investing in other cameras for around my home, but this is not feeling like a good bet.

Welcome to the community, @juleslogic. Is it possible you have some objects (wall, soffit, etc.) that are painted a bright color? If so, it is probably reflecting the IR LEDs light into the lense of the camera when night vision turns on. Also, please remember these are not outdoor cameras. :slight_smile:

Can you post screen shots in here so the collective mind could provide some input and help you with this? Before and after, or daylight and night would help. Thanks and welcome!

Hi - I considered a lighter soffit as the issue. My house is a darker brown - so that can’t be it. Other ideas??