Blurry Videos after 4 days

What about during the day?

How close is whatever is in frame to the camera? Looks out of focus almost or dirty lens. Is the camera mounted near a dryer vent or something? I had a similar looking photo when I pointed a camera straight into the sky at night, with nothing close in frame. Thanks for following up!

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Is it possible for you to post a pic of the camera’s view during daylight hours, also? :slight_smile:

It’s more about what is in the frame. If there is an object in the foreground and your background is at a distance, the camera will adjust to the foreground when in night mode and make the rest fairly dark and under exposed. Your pic that you posted looks fairly evenly exposed, noting the orbs or faint ovals across the top which appear to be reeeeally close dust or particles that are out of focus. Daylight screen grabs from the camera have been requested, but I also am curious to see a picture about how the camera is mounted on your garage. Thanks for helping with the continued requests :slight_smile:

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The picture during the day is really good!

Also - as you can see from the day pic the lens is clean and there is nothing in the foreground.

Is your camera facing out a window? Most windows block/reflect IR so you can’t really use cameras like this to keep track of outside.

Also, find this post because one of my cameras has a similar issue since moving, can’t seem to get rid of the haze. The other camera is doing fine

I had a similar problem recently on a camera I’ve had for months. It turned out to actually have some kind of coating on the lens. I don’t know how it got there. Cleaning it off took some time.

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