Wyzecam outdoor “foggy”

I have a wyze cam outdoor on a tree in my backyard monitoring the back yard and it used to be super clear. I noticed it was slowly getting really foggy looking and I assumed the lens was smudged but I took it off last night and gave it a good cleaning and it’s still the same.
Anyone experienced this?
There are no visible scratches or cloudiness when I shine a light on the lens, it looks crystal clear.
This was from may:

And now:

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Could be the sun above the house. Looks like the Camera has moved and showing more of the sky / peak of the house. Have you tried adjusting it to see if that makes any difference? Also, are these pictures the same time of day? looks like the bottom picture is later in the evening where are the top picture is in the morning time. Can you post a pic for the same time as the picture on the top 10:03am?


I brought it in the house for a while hoping something would dry out and it’s noticeably foggy inside as well. Any light source at all makes it much more noticeable

Here is a pic I just took. It’s completely overcast and even the kids table is making a blue foggy haze reflection. It used to be very sharp.

Interesting. Probably a stupid question, did you clean the lens? Maybe there are smudges on it. Otherwise I would contact Wyze: you can reach them by phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT, or online: Wyze.com/support

It is also curious how the fogginess is more apparent around items like the little table or umbrella, maybe because they are lighter or reflective.

Winter is coming. The sun is traveling much lower angle behind your house causing white out.

For anyone that may stumble upon this thread. I contacted support and Trish sent me some troubleshooting steps. Most I had tried but she suggested that I toggle the nightmode off and on and that cleared it up!

I’m having this exact issue. Going to upload a side by side from my indoor (also a outdoor cam) and my outdoor cam that’s gone completely foggy.