Wyze Cam Pan foggy image/video

Hi Guys,

I have a camera in Jamaica on my moms verandah and the images over a year now looks like the attached photo.
Any idea what might be causing this? I am in Canada and cannot fully check what might be causing it.

Thanks in advance.

I am having the same issue but only at night.

@fairmang, your issue at first thought I think may be this:

@bryanbuck, is it at night, and only when the ir lights are on? That may mean something is close to the camera lens and is causing ir blow back when they are on which appears to look like fog.

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That worked! I turned them off now it is clear as day!


Bryan Buck
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Hi Again guys,

I am headed to Jamaica soon and now I noticed the camera feed always has these “beaming” spot(s) of light.
Any idea what is causing this?
PS: The previous foggy image issue still also exists BTW.