Bluetooth Tx/Rx 2-in-1 Adapters

My wife and I have used an "iTeknic Bluetooth Transmit / Receive adapter for years to both listen to our TV audio at the same time… using 2 pair of Soundcore Q10 headphones. All we had to do was turn on the little adapter and then turn on our 2 headphones… they automatically connected and we were off to the movies. Until we moved UP to a 2 pair of Wyze Headphones.

Now, doing the same procedure one will connect just fine but the 2nd headset will link up and produce the single “beep” but then no sound ever comes out (both have already been paired to the BT transmitter). We can reverse the order of connection… same problem. The transmitter uses BT 5.0 and has never given us a problem until now.

Yes, I’ve tried clearing the BT paired list from the transmitter. I’ve unpaired / repaired the headphones… I’ve tried uninstalling from the Wyze app and pairing with the transmiter alone. The device is MADE to allow two BT audio devices to share a single audio source and I know it works fine. So how do I convince a pair of WYZE headphones to behave like the other brands?

All of these transmitters appear to come from similar manufacturers… and they all seem to have similar names and setup directions.

Thanks for your help.