Bluebirds 2024

Good idea. I will experiment with Velcro for the best location.

BUT I have not had any bird go in the house.

I finally have a bluebird making a nest!

This is the house that hatched 3 broods last year.

Hopefully the starlings won’t invade.


I told you your wife was right. :face_with_peeking_eye:

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I hope the new babies survive. My 5 wren eggs hatched earlier this week while I’ve been out of town. I finally got to see them from the events.

We have an egg!

Again, this is the old birdhouse with a limited view.


Grape Juice for the Bluebirds

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Yay. I still have to post my wren vids. All 5 eggs hatched and babies doing well. The blue egg is pretty. How many eggs would you guess she’ll lay this time?

Past years have been mostly 5 eggs. Once there were 6 but after all the chicks fledged, there was a dead bird left. It looked to be the same size as the other chicks. Once there may have been only 4, but my memory is shot.

And now tbere are two

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And today we have 3.

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Might need a 6 egg carton soon :upside_down_face:

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Going to be crowded if she lays another.


Room for two more: :laughing:

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Frogtown Yappers (from top of thread) with a thirty second thread-themed intro!

Do you think she loves you?
Do you think at all? :notes:

I visit often just for that then step lightly downthread between the eggs and sundry bird life… :dove:

Momma has been sitting on the 4 eggs a lot. My limited experience tells me there are no more. She won’t sit on them until they are all out. If she sat on the first egg that came out before the others, one would hatch earlier and have an advantage over the other chicks.

Neighbor across the street had 2 eggs in her bluebird house. She checked the other day and the eggs were broken. She cleaned the nest but the bluebirds have not returned. It is possible momma up and moved across the street to my bluebird house, made a nest, and laid the rest of her eggs.


Where’s Dad, down at the local Tavern or gathering up some mealworms?