Bluebird house version 2

Since the first eggs were laid a bit earlier than last year, there is a strong probability there may be 2 or 3 broods this season.

The bluebird house I prefer is made by More Birds due to its solid construction and adherence to proven bluebird house plans that attract bluebirds.

Our Menard’s has them for about $20.00

The finished birdhouse waiting to be swapped with the birdhouse (that is presently occupied) after all the chicks have fledged. Want to get another one back up ASAP for the next brood because the old birdhouse needs to be cleaned before a new bluebird takes up residence.

This is the v3 with the focusing ring mod. I added just a bit of silicone sealer in the gap between the focus ring and front cover. I also added a Wasserstein skin so perhaps the next occupant won’t stare at the camera so much.

The focus is very sensitive. 1/4 turn goes from sharp to blurry. The focal point will not be at the bottom of the birdhouse, but about 4” up due to the nesting material and the new chicks will be sticking up. Took my Wyze Buds box apart and stacked it to make a temporary platform. The focal point is about 4” from the bottom of the birdhouse.

To prevent wasps from building a nest in the birdhouse, rub bar soap on the ceiling of the bird house. The wasp can’t start a stalk in the soap.