Blue Iris setup for non rtsp

I have been using tinycam to monitor my Wyze cams v2 & v3.

All my v2 cams are rtsp.
I have been looking for another program to view them because although Tinycam works pretty good, the caveat is you need to have an emulator in order to run the app in Windows 10.

I have been looking into iSpy and Blue Iris, but I can’t find a way to view the v3 cams because apparently they require rtsp.

I am also having issues with the live stream not being smooth. I notice if I only have 2 cameras connected, it works well, but more than that, the feed starts getting choppy.

I have a 50/6 connection which is not great, but I thought the rtsp cameras dont have much impact on my bandwidth…so not sure what’s going on. So only 2 cams are v3 and 3 are v2 on rtsp.

I have an Asus RT-AC68P which should be beefy enough to handle the internal traffic caused by the cameras.

Any suggestions?

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