Blood pressure monitor

Wyze should think about a blood pressure monitor to go with it’s other health products.

I was wishing for a blood pressure reading on the band.


Did you want the band to measure blood pressure or a just a BP monitor decide e by Wyze?
There’s also this wishlist item for a band that can measure BP.
New Product - Wyze Watch.

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Either a wyze band or any other type of wearable band that tracks blood pressure. A product like this would not only make a bunch of money, but also potentially help save lives.

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I would like either a separate pressure cuff that syncs with the app like the scale or add to the band (only if it’s accurate). With the ability to share with my doctor. Been using the scale for a couple months and having the same ability to track BP would be great.


My original thought was a whole separate device that is highly accurate. If you could fit it in like a band 2.0 sure but I feel that wouldn’t be as reliable as a stand alone blood pressure monitor.


Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff that dumps into a Spreadsheet Please!
Allow for export to report to provider.
Thanks Dave!

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How about a blood pressure checker?

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blood pressure cuff preferred. Temperature would be good too. Have it sync with apple health