Medical Grade Devices Wyze Telehealth/Telemonitoring Kit

I would love to see Wyze release an economical and easy to use Scale, Blood Pressure Monitor, and SPO2 that are ALL categorized as medical devices and have the ability to relay all those vital reading to the Apple health kit so those vitals can be included in patient’s Electric Medical Records (EMR)

I work for a major Health System in Michigan providing a Scale, Blood Pressure Monitor, and SPO2 to patients who recently left the hospital and are being seen by Home Care Nurses and Therapist. We monitor their vitals every day since home care staff can only visit 2-3 visits a week due to insurance.

I was already aware of Wyze’s Scale and all of its features but when I heard that the Wyze Watch was going to be able to monitor blood oxygen levels, I immediately order 2 47mm and 2 44mm so I could evaluate their potential for our patients. I’m disappointed that people have reported issues with the possibility of inaccurate blood oxygen readings and the disclaimer that the watch is not consider a medical device and not intended to be used for medical purposes. Often time the small SPO2 meters are the first thing that a patient might lose and so the idea of a wrist SPO2 was a dream come true.

I wish that Wyze could produce a medical grade Blood Pressure monitor and SPO2 so we could set up the devices with the patient before they even leave the hospital and be able to monitor their vitals effectively and without adding any additional stress or confusion to our patients.

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