Blackbody Dimmable LED Bulb

Hi Wyze

I’ve been a Philips Hue user from their early days. I love that you have entered the market of colored, controllable, lights. However, what is really still missing in the market is a good white LED that dims nicely with a blackbody radiation curve. I see that there are some but they are still over priced. If you could come up with a $5 (or less) blub with a nice blackbody curve, dims smoothly, and deeply, I would replace almost every blub in my house. The bulb should be able to handle small fluctuations in voltage so they don’t flicker every time an appliance comes on or off.

It would be an added bonus if you can come up with a dimmable bulb that also works on the older style dimmers. In order to use the regular white LED bulbs I’ve been replacing my dimmers one by one and they are at least $25. To also start replacing the bulbs with a blackbody white LED the cost is just too high right now… My bedroom alone has 3 dimmers and 12 recessed lights. I have a total of 15 dimmers in my house and too many recessed lights to count.

Anyway, just an idea. Love the products you have been making. I own several of your cameras and will probably by 1 or 2 more this year. Keep up the great work!

Looking forward to getting picked for one of your beta test engineers.


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