Bind Switch Error

Trying to add a Wyze Switch and get Bind Switch Error.
I have installed 7 of these switches with no problems. Been through the factory reset. Updated app.
Help. I have tried to set up this switch at least a dozen times.

Sorry to hear of your issue @dankafka.

I am not finding a lot of info regarding the binding error, but as I understand, when you attempt to add the device the Wyze app discovers the switch during setup, but the switch is not able to connect via BLE to finish the setup.

You’ve already installed 7 that worked fine and you have attempted the 20 second hold of the Switch to factory reset it.

Which leads me to the connection between the Switch and the Device you are attempting to set it up on.

Have you tried toggling BLE on the phone off and on? Essentially resetting BLE
Have you tried rebooting the phone? Same as above but a little more gruff than just restarting BLE
If you have another device you could try the setup on, would that possibly work?

I have never ran into this issue personally and only see one other post referring to a binding error that had no follow up, just just throwing some ideas out there.