Better to OWN or SHARE ?

I’m setting up groups of cameras at two locations (my home & my Mother’s house). I’m the family tech support guy, thus will be doing the initial setup & any other maintenance that is required in future.

My question is, for my Mom’s cameras, is it better for me to configure them within my app [OWN them] , then SHARE them to her account, or to configure them on her phone [OWN them], and then SHARE them to my account?

Setup/configuration rights aside, what’s the usability difference betweens cameras you own, and cameras that are shared with you?



Matt - San Antonio, TX

Right now, when someone shares a camera with you can see the live feed and the alerts. But you can’t change camera settings or playback what is on the SD card (for the record on motion or continuous record functions.) So I’d say it depends on what functions each of you wants access too. Another alternative is to create a user id/pwd that you can both share so you all get the same ‘owner’ functions. So there are several ways to approach this and I’d think it’s just a matter of finding the one that would work best for you!

On the ability to look at the ‘playback’ and possibly change the settings as well, I believe Wyze is planning on allowing more control over the features that you can make available as you share a camera. FYI.

Can you have 2 people logged into 1 account on two different devices to be able to both have the ‘owner’ functions?

Yes, you can have any number of devices signed in with the same “owner” account.

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I would say own so you dont get the calls about how do you do this and that type things. But then again you might get the can you change this can you change that kinda calls. But at least thats less annoying in my personal opinion.