Better audio needed on the Cam V3

My husband is in a nursing home and I have two V3 cams in his room. The audio is awful. Nursing staff cannot hear or understand me…neither can my hubby. Audio from their end back to me (roughly 5 miles away) is reliable and good. Anyone know how to get the speaker volume higher??? Wyze folks…this really needs to be addressed. Thx

Sadly, these do not work well for 2 way communication. I have not found a way to help with that. They are definitely useful for monitoring and recording and watching through things later though (making sure he’s well taken care of).

Something I could suggest for good 2-way communication in a situation like yours is that a lot of people with a loved one in a nursing home will buy and use one or two of the smallest Echo show devices (ie: Echo Show 5):

You can regularly get them on sale for fairly cheap about 3 times a year (ie: Black Friday almost always has them fairly cheap). It looks like they’re currently discounted down to $45 (list price $79.99).

Sometimes these will even come with something like a Blink Camera…I bought mine with a Blink camera (included for just $5 more), then sold the Blink Camera Brand New for at least $20, so it made the Echo Show even slightly cheaper.

Then you can just “drop in” and talk with him and the staff with good clear audio and video. The downside is that these don’t record 24/7, so I still think the Wyze Cams are great for your situation so you can have everything monitored and review things any time you want, but 2 way communication is sadly not their strength.

Wish I could make their audio better, but I think we’ll unfortunately have to wait for a new version.


This is kinda one of “laws of physics” items. You have a speaker that is tiny with a very small amplifier driving it and expect to be able to get great quality and loud audio. Does not work that way…

Welcome to reality. And I like carverofchoice’s idea of using an Echo device for chatting. Far better choice for the purpose. I might make use of that one.


Wyze camera’s audio has always been subpar. There are alternatives mentioned above but I’ll offer this; there are Wyze competitors with better audio. Not much better but slightly more tolerable.

Read the reviews. I know someone with both Wyze and another brand of cameras. The other brand’s audio is better. And I gave her the Wyze camera :roll_eyes:

I have many old foscam, quite a few Eufy, and many many Wyze cams. Foscam audio, even for 2 way talk out of country, is the best. There is no static. Even Eufy cams have some static.

Thank you everyone. I looked at the FOSCAM (Thanks catcat1386) and have ordered that from Amazon. Easy returns if it doesn’t work out, but hoping it will. Appreciate all the advice.