Audio miserable

Recently installed camera in my moms assisted living. She is on hospice care. We can’t go in due to Covid. The video is great, the audio is horrible. Choppy and no way to understand what people are saying. Any suggestions? Frustrating is an understatement. Help.

Quickest solution is to smuggle in a phone. All I think you can really do with the camera is move it closer. Sorry for your situation.

I believe the Pan Cam has true full duplex versus the V2, and other brands have better audio.

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I also understand your situation. I don’t have a solution, but I will tag the @Mavens and hopefully someone else will have a suggestion. It could be due to something with the assisted living WiFi which I assume you have to use to install the cam. @Customer‘s suggestion has merit. A phone would offer additional options including using a hotspot to connect the cam, but if you can’t go in due to Covid-19 that’s probably ruled out.
I would also suggest contacting Wyze Support for assistance.
Live support is also available:
+1-206-339-9646Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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Agree with both @Customer and @tomp

Some other brands do have noticeably better audio, but often different features that may or many not provide the continuous recording or constant viewing that you may want.

Over several years we had a close relative progress from independent, to assisted, to full care in a good facility in the heart of town right on the broadband backbone. But the WiFi we could access was consistently horrid the entire time - even after alleged upgrades.

My unproven pet theory on the issue is that they always sized the system to meet the every increasing demands of their staff and in-house medical systems, with just a bit left over for public access. Now older people and their visitors are using tons more bandwidth than planned for.

Trying out the free level of app like Alfred on a phone or tablet might quickly narrow down the issue to an internet or device problem. Available for both Android or Apple.

I know how tough your situation is and hope things work out as well as possible!


Even on a very simple level, just using ANY kind of speakerphone - landline room phone is fine - at the same time as your Wyze feed would be a huge improvement right now. Just mute the Wyze app and count on the phone for audio. Keep using the camera for video.


Good idea!

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I had noticed that the audio (mic+speaker)from my V2 and Pans was passable. I figured that for the price, it was okay. But when I received my 2 Eufy2Ks, I immediately noticed that the audio from them was much better than my Wyze. If Wyze could sell a mic + speaker that could plug into the camera port, I would be a buyer. But I imagine it would have to be moved away from the camera quite a bit because of the feedback or they can add an application setting to disable the ones from the cams or when you plug the external mic-speaker, the ones from the cams come off automatically.


Yep, Voice over internet is the one of the most time critical protocols. Video is buffered and you might get a jumpy image but audio get mashed. There are dozens of protocols to make it work, a shared WiFi is not going to give quality-of-service priority to one IP.

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Thank you all for your thoughtful answers. The “just use the phone“ option was obvious but not for my mom in her condition. All the others were wifi related so no control there. We’ve decided to bring mom home and out of the AL. No more Electronic communication problems. Back to the basics. Thanks again.


Thought I’d chime in with my personal experience. I have nest, blink, and Wyze. Side by side, on the same Wi-Fi, the difference in audio quality is dramatic, with wyze trailing by miles. This is the one thing I really dislike about my wyze cam. Take a listen iCloud