Beta crashing possibly doing it in full release as well

I have noticed as of late that if the signal strength of my phone drops at all and causes the camera to essentially not load anymore = 0 Kb/s that the app will sometimes freeze up when trying to go back to the main view at all.

Phone is Motorola Moto G6
Straight Talk Mobile
Bullhead City Arizona

Crappy service yes. But its running on the Verizon towers from my knowledge and even sometimes viewing the cameras on wifi it will do the same thing. Anyone have advice to fix it? Closing the app and reopening works. But its quite annoying if the signal strength isnt working well and then the app freezes because of it.

Thank you for reporting the issue, could you please send us the App log when it happens again? Thank you very much.

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How would I go about getting that log for you guys?

Go to the app, click account, click help and feedback, and click report issue. Then make sure logs are selected. After that submit the issue.


Forgot that did the report. I think I may have already done one for that. But I will definitely do more.

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Just got a Moto g6 and same issues. Verizon network. My lower end LG phones never had an issue. Please fix. Logs were sent several times.

Mine has pretty much gone away with the newest updates to the app.