Best way to "fix" glitch?

What are the best ways to fix glitch remotely?
If you have no easy way to unplug the camera power, would you use the app to “restart” camera?

Or would you use app to turn off + turn on the camera?

Restarting is better. Turning the camera off doesn’t usually do much, it just turns off the lens, but doesn’t change the connection to the internet, nor would it reset any memory leak issues that might be contributing to a glitch. Restarting is the way to go. It will force a fresh boot and new connection to the router and the server and if there were any memory leak issues, it will clear those too.

If you commonly have a camera go offline, then getting a smart plug to turn the power to the camera off and on is the way to go. Also, it’s a good idea to sometimes restart your modem/router if you’re having such issues because those can incur memory leaks as well.

I don’t think Wyze devices really have memory leaks anymore. They did have some of this back in like 2020 and earlier from what I understand, but not so much nowadays. I can go months or even a year or more at least without restarting most Wyze devices and never have a single issue.

Having to reboot or power cycle the cam is indicative of other issues. Its an improper fix or and even an improper “fix”. These cams don’t need that under the right working conditions. I don’t need to restart the cams at all and its not something I think about doing.

But, that may be all you get as ultimately no one here can really do much or anything else for you. Its like if your car is stalling, people can only state all kinds of things, but ultimately, you’d need someone to physically work on the car. No one on the internet can do that.

That said, Wyze could do better at making sure this kind of thing didn’t happen by hardening it. People shouldn’t have to deal with it so its half Wyze fault. You could probably trash it and buy something else (that’s not similar as there are similar ones from other companies) and have better success.

I can confirm the above. I have one camera that hasn’t been turned off in almost two years except when is a power outage, which we had maybe twice in two years. The only time the cameras need to be rebooted is when there is a network issue.

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