Restart V3 using Settings in the app

I was wondering this;

"When is it useful to go to the Wyze V3 app and do a RESTART on the settings screen ?

I use it if the camera seems to have an issue connecting, but it is seen on the internet. Then I go to the Device Setting screen and select restart to see if that helps.

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Thanks Spamoni,

Then would you actually unplug and re plug in event of the camera going OFFLINE or is there a benefit of unplug and replunging as just an occasional good practice ?

Personally, I have never found the software “Restart” useful. For example, when the camera hangs the “RESTART” button comes back with FAILED prompt. I heavily rely on hard reboot via smart plug. Never fails to bring the camera back to life.

Unplug and replug has many benefits. One major benefit is flashing/fixing memory leaks. Every electronic device that is controlled by software, such as firmware will eventually develop a memory leak. Some sooner than later. Unplugging for 10-15 seconds will dump the memory leak. No different than rebooting your computer to free up memory.


Thanks Habib,
Do you unplug and replug on any particular schedule or whenever the spirit moves you ?

It depends, sometimes daily some times less often. Whenever I see a sluggish performance on a cam, I hit he off button. I used to have the plugs on a daily schedule, but I abandoned that practice for no apparent reason.

EDIT: I don’t physically plug unplug, I use a smart plug. To lazy to go in the garage and side of the house or drive 600 KM :wink:
Also it saves the plugs from wear and tear.

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I do that occasionally as well, but I have been fortunate. Unplugging has not been a constant for me. I do have a Wyze Smart Plug attached to my PoE router (used to provide power to 8 cameas). Then I can simply turn it off and on and all cameras will restart.


It hasn’t been a constant for me either, just a practice. It takes a minute to open the KASA app and hit the button.

That is one sweet setup. I wish I had my cottage hard wired when I was building it. But at that time we didn’t have cell service and internet didn’t look very promising. Who knew that two decades later both cell and internet will be possible.