Refreshing V3 and Smart Plugs etc

Seems like I remember reading on this forum that if V3 cameras get sluggish it might help to unplug then re plug them. Well at least 1 of my cameras became quite sluggish so I tried the unplug then re plug on all of my cameras. Since that they have lost their sluggishness. Hopefully this reminder helps someone else with this problem…tlhutch4

I’m wondering if it is good practice to use this unplug/plug process on smart plugs being used for lamps etc. ? Also, switches controlling lights and Wyze doorbells ?

Having to cycle power periodically usually means there is a firmware bug that needs to be fixed. You really shouldn’t have to do that.

But, we all know that “should” and “will” are two different things. I have my two cam-floodlights connected thru smart switches so I can cycle power on them remotely if need be. Of course, the smart switches also have firmware that could hang up due to bugs, and so now I have two devices in series, so that if either one fails the system fails. What’s a mother to do?? :frowning:

As for doorbells, my Wyze Video Doorbell Pro runs from an internal battery, so there isn’t any convenient way to cycle power other than dismounting the doorbell and turning it off and back on again. I’m hoping NOT to have to do that.

That is why I have a good different brand of smart plugs on all my powered cams. They have never let me down yet.

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I’ve done pretty much the same. I have Wyze plugs on some room lights and Kasa plugs on my two powered cams and my Internet cable modem, although I have little or no evidence (so far) that the Kasa ones are any better than the Wyze ones. None have given me any problems (yet).

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Thanks guys for your replies

And, of course, tonight one of the Wyze plugs went offline requiring me to cycle power (unplug and replug it) to get it back. This is going to be fairly useless when I need to be away for a while.

I see that 1 of your Wyze Smart Plugs went OFFLINE. I learned awhile back that they have come out with new version V2 plug which is supposed to eliminate/reduce them going offline. I have now upgraded my plugs from V1 to V2. All good so far…Tlhutch4

Thanks, @tlhutch4. Unfortuately to “reduce” them going offline doesn’t help very much if I’m 100 miles away. Anyway my two plugs are only a week or two old and have the little key decal on the bottom, so I assume they are V(latest).

I bought 4 Kasa plugs about the same time and so far they are solid. I guess I should consider sticking with Kasa for the plugs.