Best tablet/phone for using as Wyze cam monitor

What tablet is the best for use as a Wyze camera monitor? I heard, Google Play store doesn’t have Wyze cam app anymore

Any tablet with Android 7 or higher will work.

Wyze app is still available in Google play for any device running Android 7 or higher, but is no longer available for those running anything lower than Android 7.

If you have or get a tablet running something lower than Android 7 and cannot upgrade past Android 7, then you will have to get an older version of the Wyze app off an APK mirror site, and the older Wyze app version may not have fully function with everything, but some things may still work depending on the device in question and what you are trying to do.

Just check to make sure any tablet you consider runs Android 7 or higher and you’ll be fine. That basically means any tablet created after August 2016 should work fine. If you buy one off ebay or Wish or Alibaba or some knockoff site or generic brand or something then you might get one that is too old, verify the OS version first and you’ll be fine and the Wyze app will be in Google Play.

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While it isn’t officially supported by Wyze, I find the 10" Amazon Fire HD Tablet is very adequate. And if you set a alert for it, you can get it for $100 to $110.

It runs Fire OS 7, which is based on Android 9.

I have the previous model, and experience crashes to the Wyze Home tab a few times a day, but so do several regular Android users. I can no longer digitally zoom on a camera, but I never do that with my monitor tablet. I simply have a group of cams on screen all day.

I only use the tablet for Wyze camera monitoring, and have no other experience with it.

The Amazon series is reasonably powerful, especially for the price if that is important to you.


any way to see wyzecam on fire tablet?

You have to ‘sideload’ the Wyze app, then you use the Wyze app as usual.